Price Shield

Price Shield offers you fixed price energy until April 2022 at wholesale rates and enables you to take advantage of the latest market movements.

Purchasing power – get access to highly-competitive wholesale prices, thanks to our group buying power

Budget certainty – secure your price. If the market rises, your exclusive price is protected even before your contract starts

Greater opportunity – take advantage of market movements. If the market dips, you can unfix your secured price and blend/extend with lower market rates

Flexible Agreements – we avoid, take or pay clauses, meaning you aren’t penalised for reducing or over-using your energy consumption

Risk Management – we monitor the market and provide you with industry reports on a quarterly basis, which we use to advise you on when energy is at its cheapest

100% UK-Based, Independent & Impartial – we scour the entire energy market to get you the best deal, typically saving our customers over 10%