Autumn Energy Price Rise

As the winter starts to set in, the demand for gas begins to rise and as the nights grow longer the call for electricity increases.

Energy Prices rising

Autumn energy

This is what sets in motion the annual gas and electricity price rise.

Daily, we are seeing suppliers increasing the cost of gas and electricity. so now is the best time to switch, if you are a domestic customer you can switch at anytime, even within a year. Our cost comparison will tell you how much your supplier will charge you to switch early. This is typically around £30 so if your saving is more than this then it might be worth switching today. On average our domestic customers are saving over £400 a year by switching. we also have some useful tips to help reduce your costs even further here:

Saving Money on your Electricity Bill

If you are a business did you know you can now switch 180 days before your contract is due to end, this means you can lock in todays cheap prices even if your contract ends in march, so why not get a no obligation quote from us to see how much you could save while the prices are lower. we can do a full analysis of the entire gas and electricity market to find you the cheapest price on the market. put us to the test we are confident we can beat any existing quote from any broker or supplier. On average our business customers are saving over £3000 a year!