Energy UK Launches Energy Switch Guarantee


Energy UK, which represents the major suppliers, has launched its Energy Switch Guarantee – to make it easier for customers to know how to switch

The list of pledges, designed to be easy to understand and give confidence to customers, include making it clear that any switch will be free and that the new provider is responsible for dealing with any issues that arise.

  • To make the switch more simple, the whole transfer process will be handled by the provider you are switching to
  • It guarantees a reliable and hassle-free switch in just twenty-one days
  • You can continue using your existing energy provider right up to the point that you switch – so you won’t be without electricity or gas at any point
  • Under the Energy Switch Guarantee, in the unlikely event of any problem occurring, you have the reassurance that your new provider will work to resolve any issue swiftly and efficiently
  • If you change your mind within 14 days you simply remain with your existing provider
  • Any credit from your old energy account will be refunded within 14 days of your final bill

Here a direct link to the Energy Switch Guarantee


Initial findings from the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA’s) investigation suggested that 70% of customers with the big energy firms are on their supplier’s default tariff and could save more than £300 a year by switching.

To see how much you could save try our own switching site here

It is quick and easy to create a free comparison, all you need is your address, current supplier and how much you spend on energy. You will then see an instant free 100% impartial comparison and if you want to switch the comparison will guide you this simple process.