Winter Electricity Prices set to Rise

Britain is set to have lean winter as Britain is told “If we have a harsh winter Electricity is going to get Expensive” as supplies of electricity dwindle thus forcing National Grid to use its last-resort measures and push wholesale prices up, according to a new analysis.

Enappsys, who monitor wholesale electricity market data, released new figures showing the grid will have an even more difficult job with demand than last year, when it took new emergency measures for the first time.

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Update:11 July 2016

The National Grid says the UK’s buffer of electricity supply has risen to 5.5% which it describes as “manageable”.

Last winter, the National Grid said overall spare capacity was at 5.1%.

This year’s margin includes 3.5 GW of “contingency reserve” which includes paying firms to use less electricity and employing reserve power plants.

In its Winter Consultation Report, the National Grid forecasts that there will be sufficient gas supplies to meet demand this winter.

“The surplus margin for this winter is 5.5%. This is the additional power we expect to have available over and above what is needed to meet electricity demand,” said Cordi O’Hara, director of UK system operations at the National Grid.

“We believe the margin is manageable and that we have the right tools and services available, including extra power we can call on if we need it, for times of highest demand.”